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We Can't Get Enough of Boone Mountain Sports - Our Community's Local Outdoor Recreation Store

Over the past decade, family-owned sports and recreation stores have slowly been squeezed out of the market, with big box chains moving into small towns and online retail becoming ubiquitous. We all understand why, but there's still a place for local shop that provide amazing service to their communities. Boone Mountain Sports is one of those retailers! There are many reasons to love Boone, but here are our top three:

1 - You're never in a bind with Boone.

From the second you walk into the store to the moment you walk out, they've got you covered. Julia summarizes it best: "Every time I walk in the door, I’m greeted by a friendly face. Even if Casey, Logan, or Riley are not there, someone at the shop knows me and knows how to help me. They pay attention to what I tell them I enjoy and help match me with the best setup for my needs - they don’t just push their favorite ski or brand. And the next time I come in, they remember what I own, what they’ve sold me, and what might complement my current inventory of toys. When they don’t have exactly what I need, they always find a great alternative solution or special order what I need. For example, they recently special ordered the climbing skins to go with the skis that I purchased."

2 - Community is at its core.

Casey and Jennifer bought Boone (originally Paragon) back in 1985. Now run primarily by their sons, Riley and Logan, they've always been focused on being more than just a retail shop. From putting on local events like a recent Q&A session with Joel Gratz of OpenSnow to summer music festivals like Hop Drops, they've always been about the community, committed to connecting the people of Evergreen in engaging and meaningful ways. According to Fundera, local businesses give back 250% more to local communities than big corporations, and that's more than true with Boone Mountain Sports. Whether they're sponsoring events like Warren Miller film release parties or donating goods for auctions at schools, the Boone's are continually putting money back into the local community.

3 - They aren't there to upsell you.

They have experts in every aspect of the equipment that they sell, and they know how to get it to work for their customers. Recently our marketing manager went to Boone for season rentals. She wasn't sure she really wanted to invest in skis since she isn't too aggressive on the hill these days. Instead of simply setting her up, the Boone team pointed out the massive savings she'd get by purchasing a basic set of skis instead of renting for one season. Instead of upselling her, they listened to her needs and gave her the best option for long-term savings. Julia had the same experience this year when getting set up for the Grand Traverse. The Boone team helped her understand what she could re-use so that she could save some money (in this case the old bindings would work perfectly with new skis and boots).

So, if you're looking to rent or buy skis or a snowboard in Evergreen, this is the place to go. Just need an annual tune? They are our "go-to" for quick turnaround and a quality job. And that's just the winter! Boone has all your summer gear too. Stop by the store, get geared up, and then head upstairs to grab a beer at their brewery while you're there. You won't be disappointed.

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