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Local Business Spotlight - Meet Rene Steenvoorden, Evergreen's eco-conscious coffee connoisseur and outdoors adventurer.

Originally from The Netherlands, Rene moved to Colorado in 2015. After living on the road full-time for a year with his wife Michelle, they decided to settle outside of Evergreen. They have fully embraced the mountain lifestyle, spending a lot of time tending to their property and running Bivouac Coffee. When not working around the house or at Bivouac, Rene loves to scramble alpine ridges or explore the American West by motorcycle.    

If you've never been, the Bivouac Roaster and Tasting room is in North Evergreen, at the Hiwan Barn. You'll always find locals enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while working, catching up with neighbors and friends or re-caffeinating after a run or ride. You can even stop in to buy a bag of fresh beans or refill your beans through their refill program. With sustainable practices always front of mind, Bivouac launched their refill program two years ago to elevate their mission for sustainable solutions.

With our community and the outdoors being core to our teams' values and mission, Bivouac is a brand we love to support. We recently took a few minutes to sit down with Rene so you could learn more about this local entrepreneur!

Bivouac is rather unique in its sourcing and roasting process, focusing on naturally processed coffees. What’s the difference between a natural processed coffee and more common processing methods? 

Natural process coffee beans are dried in the sun instead of washed in water, which results in a much smaller environmental impact. The other benefit of this process is that the fruit ferments longer, resulting in a smooth, non-acidic flavor profile. For those reasons, we decided to exclusively source, roast and sell "naturals."

Community is another focus at Bivouac. You roast locally here in Evergreen and have a tasting room in Bergen Park, where you’ll often find runners and hikers connecting after a few hours on the trails or guests taking a mid-morning meeting with colleagues or friends. What sorts of community events should we be looking for from Bivouac in 2024?

We love promoting a healthy, outdoor-focused lifestyle and our events are often aligned with that. In February we will be kicking off our Mountain Fit Series, focusing on trail running and exercises that help you become a better runner. Under the guidance of a professional coach, we will go out on a group run and do some fun giveaways afterward.

Can we buy beans from Bivouac?

Absolutely! Pop into our tasting room any day of the week between 7 AM and 4 PM, or order online. We ship all across the US.

What do you love most about the Foothills Community?

We truly have a great community, with so many people understanding their environmental impact, living a healthy lifestyle, and spending lots of time outside. We are really grateful for our customers. They keep us going every day! 

Bivouac also offers tasting classes and experiences! You can check out their schedule here.

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