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Local Business Spotlight - Meet Jason Cannon, local business owner and outdoors enthusiast.

Jason, owner of Alpine Holiday Lights, has lived in the foothills for over a decade. He has found a home and a community along with his wife and two daughters in here in Evergreen. When not doing the “day job” thing, Jason is an ultra-runner and skier. The Colorado Foothills Team has worked with Jason on various listing prep projects over the years and would highly recommend him to anyone.

What business do you run during other seasons?

My main trade is as a rigger and rope access technician for concerts and events. We safely install all things that are hanging in the air for concerts. Whether that's hanging speaker clusters or lighting trusses from the rafters or lowering the Denver Nuggets mascot for the game intro, we ensure it's all done safely. I’ve worked with real estate teams, including the Colorado Foothills Team, on various projects over the years and many locals have seen me over at Revival pouring a brew or two from time to time.

What inspired you to create Alpine Holiday Lights?

Concerts and arena events slow down over the winter season. This inspired me to merge my expertise in working at heights with my love for the holidays, giving rise to the idea of holiday light installation.

What do you love most about the Foothills Community?

The Foothills community is just awesome! What I love most is the adventure at our doorstep, the miles of trails and easy access to the high country, and passing that joy on to my daughters. And, I've got to give praise to the incredible public schools around here. We're lucky to have such an incredible place to raise our kids. There's a cool mix of old-timers and new transplants here, and I find that it's easy to meet new people when we all share a love of the outdoors.

Most memorable Holiday Lights experience?

One of my coolest holiday light memories goes back to when I was around 10 years old. My family and I crammed into my Uncle's pickup truck, which was basically a clown car filled with a bunch of kids, a ton of hot chocolate, and non-stop Christmas tunes. We were checking out the incredible Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena, CA. The whole neighborhood had this magical vibe with the elaborate Holiday light displays, and it brought everyone together. It made me want to be a part of that kind of holiday spirit.

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